Sunday, March 28, 2021

Celebration and Love

 Today we celebrated one of my grand daughters' first birthday.  Time certainly flies.  Seems even faster than my own kids growing up.  It was immediate family and a few family friends.  It was a joyful celebration.  Hazel Basil, as we affectionately call her, is a lover and cuddler.  She is just starting to toddle around but far prefers to be held.  

As I sat visiting with my lifelong best friend, we were catching up on my former church family and how folks were getting along.  She shared about a gentlemen who has a special needs daughter.  I remember her through all my growing up years.  Since his wife passed, he has been mostly caring for her, she was fairly independent.  Michelle shared with us today that she developed Alzheimers and her father had to put her in a nursing home and how broken hearted he is over it.  My mind collapsed, crumpling like a wadded up piece of paper.  As the news sank in, the tears started to overtake me and my heart broke for his. I can't really explain it any other way.  I  tried to regain composure, but it was hard.  Tears fall, as I try to write about it.  My chocolate birthday cake turned to sand in my mouth.  (and I love chocolate cake, friends).  

Life with a special needs child is tough.  It's heart breaking, difficult, with never ending challenges.  It's joy filled, tear stained, and blessed beyond measure.  

I'm a lot a bit wrecked tonight, because love hurts sometimes and I'm hurting for a daddy who is hurting for his little girl.

She loved the dukes of hazard, I hope she still does and I hope it still brings her joy.

Lillian insisted on taking a walk today, even though  there was a cold wind trying to blow us off the sidewalk.  She still wanted to walk. So we did.   I sit here, listening to Lillian "scare" her dad as he gets to her room to get her to bed.  Hold on to the momemts.....they pass quickly by.

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