Monday, July 19, 2021

Can I share my week with you? The tooth saga continued...

 or root saga whichever you think fits.  First off, this past week has been a rough one.  Tuesday, Matt, who is very rarely ever takes a WHOLE lot to knock him off his feet, well Tuesday morning he started a vomit fest which lasted 2 days, he stayed in the bed and barely ate or drank until Friday.  He missed work all week, although he tried to go back Wednesday but came home after half a day.  He is at work today, so I hope he's over the hump.  Ezekiel started vomit fest Saturday and continued into Sunday.  He seems completely better now.  Lillian was taken down almost four weeks ago with a two day fever and nasty drainage that my grandkids all had and is STILL needing extra treatments because her asthma is flared up.  She's still draining like crazy but it's clear, but still messing with her asthma.  I struggled with just a mild headache off and on all week and yesterday I think I hit the wall, so my sinuses are now jacked up, no rest for the weary. HA.  Please, please pray that this stomach thing passes over myself and Lillian.  I'm already declaring we will NOT get it.  

So, we say an oral surgeon in Greenwood and he has determined that we will hold off on the surgery for 6 months unless troubles arise before then.  I'll spare you all the minute details.  

Anyway, it's been a crazy week with lots of upheaval in our routines.  Keep us in your prayers.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry everyone's been sick! Ugh, that makes for very long days. I pray you and Lilly don't get it and that everyone is healthy again soon!