Friday, September 29, 2023

Lest you EVER think our life is boring...Gross out warning.

 For months, and I mean months, Lillian has been dealing with some very thick, green drainage from only one side of her nose.  Perhaps since June or even May.  It's super odd because usually when she gets drainage of any kind her asthma flares and sometimes, she even ends up with pneumonia.  So, this drainage is so thick it just sits there, and it seems to never end.  When she does happen to sneeze, it is unreal.  I'll spare you the details.  So, in August, her doctor put her on antibiotics.  Did not help.  I called a week and a half ago and got her in to see him.  He described that nostril looking like someone caulked her nose with snot.  Just the one side. He put her on another antibiotic and said we'd look in 10 days because he didn't want it to abscess.  (there's something my brain never considered) I took her back Thursday and there was no improvement.  Her doctor is going to be gone for 2 months.  He put her on the antibiotic course again and put in a referral for her plastic surgeon because she might require revision surgery for lesions because of all the surgeries she has had in her mouth.  He also has us doing aggressive nasal washes.  I barely kept it together all the way home.  I cannot even fathom her having another mouth surgery.  Those were terrible.  TERRIBLE.  Not prepared in any way, shape or form for that possibility.  

Today, this afternoon, I found a large abscess behind her ear.  At the bottom of her lobe. She needs prayer friends. I need prayer.  I'm not afraid, but I'm discouraged.  I know the Lord is already there.  

This is stressful.  

By the grace of God, she is tolerating the nasal washes like a champ.  I'm soaking the abscess in hopes it will recede.  

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