Tuesday, August 16, 2022

6 Blocks later

 Today Lillian had her bone density scan, which was a very quick, noninvasive procedure.  It all went like clockwork AFTER we got where we were supposed to be. I'll be brief.  Basically, I was told multiple times that this test is done at the "hospital downtown". My assumption was that it was the children's hospital.  I should never assume.  After the very kind receptionist in the Radiology department walked us several blocks to a "pavilion" building, (not in a hospital)  we made it to our destination.  Test done and we hoofed it back to our original destination.  My mom treated us to Olive Garden (Lillian's choice).  We had a little retail therapy (thanks to a gift card I was gifted)  and headed back.  I've prayed and prayed this test is normal.  I am CLAIMING a positive result.  

This morning was hard.  Lillian has really struggled with her gut since her last, cycle, flu, treatment. Her stomach is very bloated and I'm not getting much air.  Her site is leaking and breaking down her skin.  I had to put gauze in there at lunch today.  She cried when I touched it to do her first feeding today.  We finished and I cried.  Well, the tears were there, but I had to hold them back.  I said some prayer and tucked all my crazy back in.  I can't cry openly, it bothers her so badly. My heart is fragile because I hurt for my child.   The words of a friend from church floated through my mind, "He's already there, Michelle".  

I got several texts on my way home, sweet friend left some main dishes in a cooler at my door, Another friend sent a text because she sensed spiritually that I needed it.  A family member checked in just to see how I was.   Sunday another dear friend, gave me a plaque that is just so kind and touching.  My sweet sister-in-law brought me a vase of flowers from her garden and blessed Ezekiel with more shoes and back to school items.  I am loved.  He sees me and sends his love through others.  I am blessed.  

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