Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Infusion #6 and Hem/Onc followup

 Lillian's infusion went like clockwork.  They had us in a tiny cubicle but later moved us to a closed room which was super nice.  They got her IV on the first stick, (I've been praying ahead) and were able to pull all the blood they needed which was A LOT as the Hematologist had added on numerous more tests. I think they took 14 vials this time.  They are getting to know Lillian and everyone LOVES her.  

We saw the hematologist after her infusion appointment.  The first set of tests didn't answer any  questions.  She still has a very, very elevated PTT.  (this is a bleeding time test) This indicates to them that there is something definitely wrong going on in her body that isn't related to any of her other issues.  One of the tests they did today was extremely elevated as well, so they are ordering another test that needs to be done at another hospital location, which we are scheduled to be at early September.  It is just a blood test, but I do have to schedule it.  If her current blood tests they are still waiting on don't provide answers, there is a genetic test they want to run which is complicated with insurance. We shall see.  

I discussed with her our visit with Peds Gyn.  I told her I have decided against the IUD unless her bone density scan (DXA) is bad.  Lillian does not want to go to surgery and she has so little choice in all that she faces.  If the shot gives us the desire we need in suppressing her cycles, then I'm ok with that.   And I cried a little...and I don't know why....except that, it's just a lot of stress. We did escape July with no cycle, but she did start today on our way home...a little disappointed, but knew it would not work immediately. Also explains why she had a total melt down yesterday over me brushing her teeth.  I told Matt yesterday, she is so emotionally all over the's mentally exhausting.  I told him it's a good thing I don't drink or he'd come home to a drunken wife.  Funny, not funny.

  We did learn today that if she requires any surgery in the future, she will need extra IV meds to protect her from bleeding out.  

Somehow, (can't imagine why) I managed to get behind on our toll bill.  Yesterday, I was paying the deficit and putting more money into the account so we still get the lower rate and I thought...add this to the list of things I never knew I'd need to do.

Lillian got a haircut Friday and I'd say she cut at least 4 inches off.   She let our hairdresser wash her hair in the sink, which a huge thing.  She was highly anxious, but she got through it.   I'm pretty sure I know who the generous soul was, but when we were finished, I was told our bill was taken care of.  Once again, blessed, once again a wink from God that he sees us and uses so many to bless us.  Every kindness, the cards in the mail, the texts, an army of 10, ...I walked out on my porch yesterday to find a corn shucker left for me.  Prayers upon prayers that I know are spoken.  Do you know Him?  Can I tell you about Him?  HE IS FAITHFUL.  I can trust Him.  My heart is heavy sometimes and I sometimes long for a bit of solitude, but know, these feet don't hit the floor without HIS strength.


  1. Oh Michelle, I can only imagine the kind of stress you're under. Fourteen vials is a whole lot of blood! Hey, it's okay to cry! That's a good way to release stress. You'll feel better afterward. I pray the Lord brings healing to Lillian's body, and brings you peace and calm as you walk through this with her.

  2. God Bless your whole family. I know our Lord and he is a Waymaker!!!!

  3. Despite the ongoing heaviness of your responsibilities, I am praising God for His positive “winks”. He is up to something, my friend.

  4. Thank you Lord for your winks of comfort. You’ve got this!!

  5. An amazing God has trusted you with Lillian and He knows what He is doing. Well done yesterday MY daughter!