Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dr Urology

Today Lillian had renal/bladder ultrasounds.  Once again...it was very traumatic for her and I was seriously emotionally drained after it was over.  I know...I KNOW there are many worse things to happen...and I KNOW because I've experienced a lot of them with Lillian.  I know there was no pain involved in what was happening...but she was absolutely terrified and there was no calming her down.  I'm a plus size woman...and it took every ounce of my strength to hold down that little 32lb body.  I could feel her heart pounding through her chest as if it might actually explode, I worried over every place I was holding fearful she would be left with my huge hand prints bruising her body.  That half hour felt like eternity.  It was finally over and we headed over to the urologist to get results. Praise the Lord everything looked good, she still has reflux which is why we will have to follow with them routinely BUT, she will not need to go back for 6 months and if all is well we will go to yearly visits.  She will need to start some profalactive meds, florogin and d'manos to help with urinary health.  She did have a temp while we were there which I believe is the onset of ears/sinus infections.  It is almost time for her nebulized antibiotics though, so maybe we can nip it in the bud.