Thursday, July 27, 2017

Growing, Botox, Losing, Growing more....Fillings

Ok, is that a crazy title or what?  Trying to grab your attention.  :) Did it work?   Anyway, I've been derelict at posting updates so I'm going to try to make this quick.  The second month we did a weight check, she did  not gain, but she did not lose...however, she grew 3/4 of an inch taller.  We ( the doctor and I) were both pretty amazed.  So, last Friday she went for another check and she lost four ounces but grew another 1/4 inch taller, so now we will check again in two months to make sure we are progressing.

Botox injections were recommended by her PT/OT for her legs and brachial palsy injury in her arm.  The shots are remarkrable successful in loosening tight muscles.  Today we saw a pediatric orthopedist and after xrays and examination by the PA and the doctor, it was quite refreshing to NOT have a doctor trying to push us into something. She felt that shots may cause the opposite effect for her.  She said that Lillian did not fit the typical mold.  Shocking, right?  Nothing new to us, that's for sure.  Personally, I had deep reservations about her having the shots.  I mean, I would do it if I thought it would bring great improvement, but what she said today helped confirm that we didn't need to do this.  If she would have the shots she would need to be put out with general anesthesia.  She also thought that was a greater risk, with Lillian's history, than the benefit of having the shots.  So, no botox.

We would ask your prayers as Lillian is having dental work in August and she will have to be put under for the fillings.

The last few months have been crazy with all of her appointments, but I'm so blessed to be able to do all this with her. I've been a bit discouraged with eating and speech progress....BUT, she did eat a quarter cup of cocoa puffs in milk and she chewed and swallowed it all.

Side note...two of my older girls have gotten engaged and we are in full wedding planning mode.  Prayers for us all appreciated.