Monday, August 17, 2015

Dr Lungs Checks in

Hello Friends!  Today Lillian had an IOS test at the hospital and then we went over to the dr and had her appointment and got the results.  This test is some sort of pulmonary function test that is done on kids who are typically much younger I think.  Anyway, last night I started to get that dreaded feeling of getting a test result that may be bad news.  This morning,  I began to pray for a good report.

She did the test with minimal upset.  There were still tears and anxiety, but once she realized it wasn't terrible she seemed ok.  She didn't perform it totally correctly, but you get what you get.

Since there were NO places in walking distance to go eat so we ate in this tiny little cafe in the medical office building while we burned time for her appointment. ( I didn't want to leave the garage because the hospital validated my parking.

His first words were "it's not as bad as I thought it would be considering what we've been through, I thought it would be a lot worse" (I found it a tad funny that he said we) One test was mildly out of range and the other was way below out of range.  He said the below one was likely due to the way she performed during the test which was supposed to be normal breathing, but she just couldn't understand that concept.  He said the tests were indicative of her diagnoses, lung disease, asthma...etc...her tests were improved after administration of albuterol.  (a breathing treament) He said this test didn't really give them a picture of lung capacity though.

He want us to start her on benadryl a couple times of day to help with her drainage.  Her allergy testing was negative but he believes she still is having reaction to environmental elements.

Then,.well, then...I had to tell him about the sleep apnea spells I've been witnessing and his countenance changed immensely.  He went from relaxed, happy face, to stern, solemn, serious face.  So I am supposed to start a journal of episodes that I witness.  He said we may need to do another sleep study soon.  I told him I was afraid of finding out where all that might lead.  Scary.

We go back in January.  Now we just need to stay healthy.

On another note, if you visit her blog here from your phone (and that's the only way you've ever looked at) just want you to know if you view the web version I have other content on the blog that I've written.

Thanks for your prayers!