Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Urology Update and then some

So we started out early this morning to head down to KY for Lillian's long awaited ultrasound regarding the free fluid in her abdomen above her bladder.  I had a quick stop to make at GFS to pick up my preferred yeast because it's the only store that carries It,  and it is super cheap there. While perusing the store I found a great deal on b/s chicken breasts, less than a dollar a pound, but must purchase 40lb case.  I bought my yeast and decided I'd mull it over throughout the day and went on our way to our appointment.  

I'll make this as brief as possible, but I really want to be transparent about my thought process today.  As we waited, long past our scheduled appointment, with Lillian and Ezekiel (5).  I became very weary.  I am so totally grateful for drs and hospitals that do help my daughter, I find myself extremely tired of the going and waiting. Not to mention the concern that rises up every time someone who is so obviously sick and miserable is coughing nearby. It is wearisome.  Grateful....but weary.  Lillian is so much better than the early years when appointments were constant, and I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for the journey, but tired nonetheless.  

So, probably no less than 25 bathroom pit stops...LOL and three people washing hands and pant pulling up and all that good stuff, we have the ultrasound and set off to the dr office for results.  

Now, let me paint a picture for you, this waiting room is kind of like a very skinny, very small trapezoid shape.  Upon hitting the door, the MOST awful odor assaulted me.  AND...it was in that room, not going anywhere.  A room, in which we had to wait around 2.5 hours to be seen ( because they can't schedule the appointments back to back because that just makes too much sense and I don't want to have to make a additional trip down there for results and they can't possibly give them by phone even thought they provide NO physical exam on her....*sucks in breath*) Even though they say they will see us, they never do.  So at the one hour and a half mark there is us and two other ppl left in that room, and we were not the stinkers if you get me drift.  (and there are more details of this particular day, but I will spare you but to say I'm thankful for underwear on other ppl and some folks might need to consider covering their lady business) So we wait and wait and wait and they take us to a room where we wait further, but praise the Lord, we have gotten away from the smell.  I turn on some praise music which causes Lillian to break down into tears and then I wanted to to as well.  

The NP finally graces us with her presence to announce the fluid pocket is gone!  Gone gone gone!!  Praise the Lord.  I'm so thankul I listened to His prompting in holding back on the CT.  It is not often well received when you go against the wishes of the practitioners...ask me how I know...but I digress, I'm just so so thankful.  All glory to God who hears and answers.  Thank you to your friends who pray and intercede for our girl.  There are not enough words.  

Thanks for hanging in for the post if you're still reading...and if your wondering , I did pick up the chicken on my way home and I may be seeing chicken in my sleep tonight.  I was further blessed tonight by sharing food with some friends.  God is good.  All the time.