Sunday, October 8, 2017

Updates and where have I been

There are so many things to tell, so I will try to keep this brief. I had to go back to my old posts to see where I left off.

Update one: her dental work turned out much more in depth than we were expecting.  We took her in August to have four fillings under general anesthesia in the hospital.  They came out during the surgery and told us they needed to pull one permanent tooth and two additional baby teeth. When we  arrived back to post op, they had actually removed six teeth total.  It was a tough couple days following the surgery, but she is all recovered and her teeth are coming in quickly.

Update two: She gained two more pounds from her last weight check in.  Can I get a woot woot???  So exciting...just brings me to tears.  Real food for the win!!!

Update three: we've had several re-visits for her leg braces.  She has actually experienced some skin break down and all the guy keeps saying is " I've never seen that happen before"....we are not surprised as our Lillian always keeps them on their toes.  He does feel she has outgrown the braces, but we are trying to hold out for another month or so because it is not easy to get these things approved through insurance.

Update four: Her feeding therapy took a big back step due to all the teeth being removed.  Can't practice chewing when you don't have any teeth.  You know, her teeth are poking through, but not enough to balance the big gaps in there. Her PT has improved much since we started and the braces are definitely doing the job of helping give her legs stretch. We will be taking a break from therapies beginning November first to avoid the nasty flu season risks.   Our therapy office moved into the main hospital, so we felt it was in her best interest to pull out for the season.

Update five: Remember those weddings I mentioned, well one of them got moved up and is actually happening this Saturday.  My oldest daughter will be saying "I DO" to a great young man.  My former laptop  kicked the bucket in the midst of creating her wedding shower invitations several months ago.Hence, the lag in posting.

Update six: Today, my two oldest girls and soon to be son, gifted me a new lap top today and I'm beyond grateful.  Just beyond.

There you go, I tried to be brief.  I think I covered the majority of the last few months.  We have had a recent pulmonary visit and that went fine.  OH---and we had her regular dental cleaning a couple weeks ago and let me tell you, friends, she did so great!!  She only shed but one tear and just breezed through like a champ.  Thank you so much for keeping Lillian in your prayers and our family as well.  We are so blessed.