Monday, January 4, 2016

A pulmonary update and then some.

Lillian had a routine pulmonary visit today.  Her sats were only 95.  Now I know that isn't a terrible number, but she used to always sat 100. He said anything 93 and below is not good...that's not too far off, know what I mean? She has been in the midst of a significant asthma flare up for the last month and a half, so maybe that's the culprit, but the Momma sure would love to see 100 again.  He also upped her pulmicort and gentamycin for the next two weeks in hopes of knocking down the asthma flare.

We have made a pretty good transition with the move.  The kids are doing well sleeping in their room but the don't sleep through the night and I think that's what may be contributing to Lillian not being too healthy.  Along with the fact that her brother doesn't think she should be sleeping if he is awake.  

Life seems to be settling down, now that holidays have passed and the house is almost totally unpacked.

I have been on the search for a pair of high boots for Lillian because she L.O.V.E. loves the maxi skirts.  I found one pair before her birthday but they were fifty bucks. Luckily, while shopping with Isabelle for her 16th birthday, I came across a cute pair for 20 dollars and Papa's birthday money bought Lillian her boots.

This is a picture of her in the office after her visit with the dr today/