Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm Back

 It's been almost exactly 4 months since my last update and I've decided I want to write.  I want to come here and share our journey.  It helps me.  It might reach out to someone else.  Who knows, I just know I need to be back here. So, updates...

Lillian had a dreadful bout with a stomach flu about 4 weeks ago which led to an ER visit, a 4lb weight loss, asthma flare,  and a total week of trying to get feeds back on track. Thank the Lord we did not have to admit her. (said flu also took out Dad, Little brother and one big sister)

She resumed speech, occupational, and physical therapy a couple weeks ago and she will be doing those things two to three days a week. After having been in therapy since her third month of life and continuing therapy until she was seven, we've had a three year break and the hope that she is older and more cooperative and able to do more.  I'm really looking forward to new feeding hopes and strengthening her core.

Getting her an appointment to get her fillings for her cavities has proved to be a challenge.  I spent almost three hours on the phone this afternoon trying to find someone, talking to insurance, more doctors, just exhausting...wouldn't think it would be so hard would you?  And, nothing is yet resolved in that regard.

Gosh, seems like there was so much more to say here....

We would ask your prayers as we need to purchase a new vehicle for's a long story, but we really need something reliable and honestly just newer.  We have been dealing with an issue with my vehicle for some time and we just can't seem to find a mechanic who can fix it.  We don't want to keep pouring money into something that is not fixing the issue...not to mention we rolled the passenger window down and it jumped the track for whatever reason...the heating and air is now not working in blowing hot air out of one side and cold out the other a vice versa.  We need air conditioning in summer due to Lillian's lung issues.  We also just need to know when we go somewhere, especially when we are far from home that the car is going to start when it's supposed to .  Keep that in prayer, please.