Thursday, July 26, 2018

Life has been crazy!!

Sorry, for such a long time between posts.  My life has just been crazy.  Updates on Lillian:

1. We will continue to keep an eye on the broken tooth, xray does not appear to show any abscess
2. Pulmonary (lung) Dr was A-Okay...and you know how I obsess over her sats, well, she's back up to 99.  I give her albuterol daily and that seems to do the trick.
3. May was a pretty rotten month for her, she was sick for most of the month, requiring extra breathing treatments and several rounds of antibiotics.  Thankfully no hospitalizations.
4. Her urology appt showed us that she has a sack of fluid above her bladder in her abdominal cavity.  I'm praying it will just disappear and at this point, we are awaiting scheduling for a    pelvic ultrasound to further investigate.  If it is still there at that time, we will have to go for a sedated CT.  You just know how much I love that, right?  They want to skip right to that, however, I'd just like to pray that fluid away and avoid the CT altogether.
5.Lillian is now an AUNT!  Our third daughter gave birth three weeks early to a baby boy.  He had a rough start and is struggling a bit to gain weight, but he's just beautiful and extremely adored by one and all.

Keep our family in prayer, we have another grandchild due to come at the end of September and my Momma heart needs a little more easy....Being a grandma is surreal.  I'm so thankful for the experiences I've had to prepare me for what has transpired over the last few weeks.  Most people would likely not think having your baby in the NICU is a blessing, however, it prepared me for my grandson to be there.  It equipped me to help my young daughter going through a similar path.  (very thankfully not to the degree of our walk, but still.)  It is fun to have a baby in the house again and be able to have so much peace with him.

This year has held a lot of serious, difficult situations to walk through as a family with our children.  We've seen positive outcomes, praise God.  Though it has been difficult, I have been driven to my knees almost constantly and there is peace in knowing the Lord is in control at all times.  My emotions may be all over the place, but I KNOW He is near and I can trust in Him.