Monday, April 20, 2015

Dr Lungs checks in

Yesterday I just started dreading our trip to Louisville today.  I knew there was lots of road construction...I didn't want to make the drive and honestly I was dreading what he might say. it turned out, God gave us merciful travel...we didn't have ANY delays or waits on the road.  I mean I was thanking God all the way home for giving us such easy travel.  We left two and half hours early just to make sure we made it on time.  We made a quick stop for lunch and got to the office without incident.

When we finally got called back to a room, the first thing they check is her O2 sats.  She as only satting 93/94..friends...that is NOT a good number.  She always sats 98-100.  I know you're thinking that's not a big difference, but in our world it is.  That being said, she has been sick for about a month now.  and her asthma has been flared to the point of retractions and that is also NOT good.

The doctor said her lungs sounded good, and he said her sinuses were badly swollen.  So her ordered her a systemic antibiotic to hopefully get her over her sinus/ear/ upper airway infection.

They tried to get her to do a PFT.  To do a PFT you have to be able to blow.  Lillian can barely blow that test was out.  So, he ordered another test called an IOS that is done on 3-7 year olds and it will be done at Kosair prior to her next appointment to check her pulmonary function.

We have noticed a marked difference in her level of activity so that gives us a bit of cause for concern.  At this point he didn't think we needed to do a CT but it's likely coming as she hasn't had one since 2012.  But hey, HOLLA...she hasn't had a CT since 2012!!  WHOOP WHOOP!

So the day I dreaded so badly turned out very nicely and I'm so thankful  It still makes for an awful long day and is for whatever reason extra doesn't help that Ezekiel cried and whined all the way home instead of napping which he did shortly after getting home.

On another note, I finally started her on the probiotic our kidney dr wanted her on and she's been taking it less than a month.  She weighed two pounds less than when I had her at teh dr in January.  Her stomach has also looked far less bloated and much more normal...something I was starting to grow very concerned about.  (the bloated So good news all around today, minus the fact that she's still struggling with sick/asthma junk.