Sunday, November 25, 2018


Lillian has celebrated her 12th birthday today.  I have had a hard time not crying all morning.  I stood in church this morning just whispering... praying thanks to God for the opportunity,  the blessing of being her Mom.

Having a medically fragile, special needs child has taught me to have gratitude each and every day.  We celebrate the smallest milestones.  We rejoice when she happens to swallow a small piece of food.  We talk for years later about "that time she said guacamole" so clearly.  I'm so delighted that I can speak about her life in the past years....YEARS!!!

  She wanted to attend church, but when I told her she had to wear a mask,  I got a very dirty look and a very preteen " tay ho" response ( she hates to wear a mask) .

She got to spend the day with most of her favorite people.  All her siblings pitched in a got her a real mini fridge full of her favorite drink.  She was lavished on with new clothes, Barbie toys, a little cash and some bath and body works soaps and other various things.

She's currently playing in her room with all her new goodies. It has been a delightful day.  I'm beyond grateful.

Happy Happy Birthday Lillian.  I love you!