Saturday, November 25, 2017

11 years and counting

November 25,2006.  The worst, best day of my life..or is it the best worst day of my life?    Waking up without your baby is one of the worst feelings I can remember.  I was not expecting to have Lillian...let alone the trauma that would ensue after her birth.  I can only partly imagine the harsh reality of losing a child.  I do, however, understand what is like to sit on the brink of it.  More than once and actually, with more than one of my children.

I am SO SO SO very grateful for the life of my girl.  Her life has brought SO much to mine.  We continue to be gifted another year to celebrate, when we were told only to expect one or two.  There have victorious mountains climbed and valleys that have taken us low and, at times, kept me there a while.

We celebrated with some of our family on Thanksgiving since we were all together.  She was showered with love and gifts.  She walks around, delightedly, with all her gifts in bags unloading and loading them as she moves from room to room.  She chose her cake and frosting, though she did not partake any of it. She also chose the "sprinkles" that went on top.

Lillian continues to touch the hearts of others near and far with her sweet smile and gentle spirit.  There are few days that go by without a whisper of gratitude to the Lord.

Thank you, Lord for 11 years and counting.  Thank you for the daily reminder to be grateful in all things.  Thank you for the blessings in good times and bad.  

It is amazing to look back at ALL the wonderful encounters her life has brought to us.

Thank you, friends, for 11 years of prayers, thoughts, kindnesses, encouragement, and blessings.

Happy 11 years and counting to my angel.