Monday, December 7, 2009

MOTY strikes again...

Folks, it is official. I am totally the winner. I know you are all thinking in your head that you are the MOTY. Well, today, I, yes, I have conquered all and am the big winner. So, today is a school day for Lillian. Now, on her first day of
school I got a speeding ticket....yes, a speeding ticket. First one of my life. Well, a short week later, today, I go out to heat up the van as there is snow on the ground and I figure it is only fitting as a good mother, to heat up the car. At some point in the trek, I have opened every door to the van minus the back. Come in, get Lillian in her coat and head back out to the now warm car. I get her buckled in, open the passenger door and turn down the radio, and then proceed to shut all the doors. Go around to my door, pull the handle and no good. Get that acrid puke feel up my throat and come to realize that ALL, yes ALL the doors have somehow locked after I shut her door. So there I am in the 30 something degree weather, baby locked in the car. One of my nightmares come true. True to my being, I begin to quietly panic and call my hubs at work. Already in tears I am asking his boss to speak to him. Through panicked tears tell him what is going on. World's fastest phone call ends and he gets here thirty minutes later. I stand at the side door with Lillian telling me in signs that I stink. I did not regain feeling in my ears until close to three oclock. This spurns her worse EVER drop off at school. Not my day. Praise the Lord for watching over us and keeping her safe. So- even though I did not lock the door, they locked and I now truly have a complex. If you are having a bad day and feel like a worthless parent..just think of me. You will feel better.

I leave you with some pizza loving Lillian pics.
Ok, sorry for the disorganization...I can't seem to move things this a blogger thing or dumb me thing?


  1. Still got my vote for MOTY, I think you are the greatest, even if you did lock your kid in a running car. At least she was warm!!!!
    That girl is really getting into her food!
    And I'm sorry, but did I know Lillian was in school? Am I just losing it? Because that's sounding new to me.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! Sorry you had a bad day! Did Lillian make it to school? Glad to know I'm not the only MOTY! HA! HUGS!!!

  3. Awww. At least the heat was on. Next time, try calling your overly friendly police. They can pop the lock pretty fast usually, especially if there's a kid in the car.
    I have that complex all the time.
    Oh, and it's blogger, not you. Or Blogger in Internet Explorer. If you download (free) Firefox, you can copy/paste your pics wherever you want.

  4. No blogger is having problems. i can't move pic around either. Carter locked Jax in the car at a gas station once. In the summer heat. There was a cop at the gas station, at first she said they don't open up cars, but after I told her there was a baby in there, then she helped me. Nice.