Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you're wondering where we are...

Life has been so busy. I'm feeling very neglectful of Lillian's blog. I haven't posted anything in such a long time. Mostly, I get to sleep at night...which is a VERY good thing!! Seriously,though, just a quickie note to update how things are...let's see...Lillian goes to school in a private room with no other kids twice a week for one hour. She receives 30 minutes each of PT, OT, ST, and education time. That happens on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesday and Wednesday she has speech therapy at another facility half an hour from home and Wednesday afternoon she receives PT and OT co-treat at another facility in Seymour. It seems that is all I get done all week is running to and from therapy. I don't know how I ever worked outside my home. Kudos to those Mamma's out there doing both. Days like these I totally and completely feel so grateful that she was able to have First Steps in our home for those first three years. Whew.

Feedings-well, not so good. Feeding by mouth is going very slow. While she enjoys tasting, she doesn't love to swallow. Speech---maybe just as slow. Not really saying anything more than ma-ma. These two areas in particular allow me to become easily discouraged. I know I know I know it will all take time...however, the realistic part of me has to look at the possibility that it may not happen. I know there are folks out there thinking I just need patience...I feel like I am, but you have to look at both sides of the coin from time to time. It's difficult.

She is making progress physically as well, she is trying more and more to jump and run, but I'm sure that will come in time.

As always, she is sweet and precious and loving and happy.

This winter has been much more gentle for my sweet other than little illnesses such as ear and sinus infections which really take a toll on her, but PTL no hospitalizations. She is, however, sick currently with a raging fever and unable to keep anything down. We will be heading to the pediatrician this afternoon. I leave you with a picture of her in her big girl bed, which she happens to LOVE!


  1. Lovely bed and great picture of Lillian. I can relate to your feeding and speech concerns all too well. Feeding Ashley can do now... she started eating at 4. Speech we are still waiting on and she will be 5 next month we are doing AAC now. The fact that she says mama sounds encouraging to me.

  2. FINALLY!!!!
    I do know what you mean about looking at both sides of the coin. I'm the type of person that likes to know exactly what I'm up against. Be prepared, ya know? BUT!!! Lillian seems to be progressing. sorry about the patience, but (and don't kill me) it will come. And if Lillian can say mama, then there's more to come!

    My girls have that comforter too! I thought it looked familiar. Very cool she is in a big girl bed.

    It was more than good to hear from you!!!!!

  3. She's doing so good. Feeding stuff can go extremely slow, just be patient. She'll get it in time. Lovin the big girl bed!

  4. Oh I love her big girl bed. I'm so glad things are going well for her and you've been able to avoid the hospital this winter. Always in our prayers!