Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today Lillian had her kidney tests and they still showed reflux, which I found to be so disappointing. I know it can be fixed and will be, I was just disappointed. It will be a hard day, it had already been hard when I had to try to console her as they poked and prodded trying to insert a catheter. It's tiring. It is mind altering. I know, even as I read about a mother who has lost her sweet girl, that this is a small overcomable issue....but I still grieve it.

My internet is off for a while so I am using the public library. My dryer blew up Friday, so PTL for the nice warm weather He is sending to dry my clothes outside. One of our cars broke down Saturday which sent me on a midnight run to "rescue" my stranded husband, but PTL it was just a could have been worse. Isabelle had to have two teeth pulled unexpected on Thursday, and the end of last weeks insanity just seems to be rolling into this week.

At the moment, I'm struggling with the "grateful" attitude I know I should be having right now.


  1. It's there. Under the stress, the gratitude is there. It always is. I'm sorry you're going through so much lately. Addison still has the kidney reflux too. Our Dr. Pee says as long as she stays on antibiotic and doesn't present with UTIs, we can wait it out and see what happens as she gets older. You're right, watching the cath is so sad. Addison's got a curve to her, like everything else, I guess. It's hard for them to get it in, and then the bugger will push it right back out.
    Hang in there. Trust. Love you!

  2. Sorry about all the chaos! Life sure can be overwhelming some days! Praying brighter days are in your near future! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

  3. Just think, life would be so dull without all the chaos and complications. I often feel like I am chasing my tail in circles while I struggle through the week. I hope things get better, and things stay fixed. Miss you!