Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today is the day, 18 years ago, I experienced a very new and different kind of love.  My sister gave birth to my nephew.  It's hard to believe he's now a man..not a little boy.  My sister, bless her heart, is struggling with the fact that her baby boy is growing up.  I don't know if she'll make it through his graduation.  As I've contemplated her last post on facebook about needing a good cry, it got me to thinking.  It's interesting how in life we can't wait for our babies to be born, we can't wait to have that first birthday party, and hit all those growing milestones. Then, as our children age in the blink of an eye...really....we struggle with seeing them "grown".  Driving and graduation just seem too soon upon us.  Today, I was wishing I had some loving words to maybe help her cope and maybe not seem so sad.  Then it hit me.  We should celebrate the fact that he is 18.  He has lived on this earth, a relatively good life with no serious issues.  I can only hope that Lillian will celebrate an 18th birthday.  Why should I mourn any of the years my children continue to grow.  I thought of friends and people I don't even know that no longer have a child to celebrate with.  So, today, I choose not to be sad that he's no longer a little boy (and honestly hasn't been in some time).  I choose to happily celebrate the fact that he is LIVING and GROWING.  That is how I'm going to choose to celebrate from now on.  Life is too short and we are never guaranteed a tomorrow. 

Happy Birthday Larry!  I love you!

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