Sunday, December 16, 2012

Difficult time of year

Sometimes I wonder if I will always be so emotional around this time of year.  Does anyone else struggle right now?   I attribute it mostly to the fact that this was the time of year when our life changed so drastically.  It's like I'm on an emotional roller coaster that has no end.  I continually remind myself of all the good things that we experience and the fact that our Lillian is with us.  So much suffering as of late. 

The CVS saga drags on.  I contacted corporate CVS in regards to her overdose, rather I TRIED to contact corporate.  All I got was a customer service rep who promised a call from regional or district management in one business day.  That was on December 4th.  I emailed  them twice and still no response and I called again  on the 12th and get yet another phone call from the in store pharmacy manager.  I'm trying hard to continue to be civil, but on this last conversation he all but left me feeling like it was my fault that they filled her prescription wrong.  Really, it should not surprise me because A) it's not their child B) they only care about their business.  He informed me that the dose they gave her was not necessarily a dose that couldn't be ordered for her anyway. 

After seeing the pediatrician Friday, he told us that the dose and her age alone should have been a red flag to the pharmacist.  He said that dose was a sedation level dose and it was certainly the cause of all her excessive falls. He also said that given her particular health history is was extra hard on Lillian. 

Mentally exhausted and in constant prayer for peace. 

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