Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dancing Queen

This little girl had a ball last night.  We attended a lovely wedding and after the nuptials was some dinner and dancing.  She started out with a slow dance with daddy and mommy and then the party got started.  Not only did she boogie her little heart out, but oh did she enjoy dancing.  While this momma sat watching and sometimes hovering nearby holding my breath that she would not be knocked down or throttled across the floor.  I did do the chicken dance with her and all the video I took was very brief.  My pictures didn't turn out at all. On a side note, Isabelle was particularly happy that I am pregnant so I would not get on the dance floor and break out my moves...course, not one to miss a moment to embarrass a teenager, I broke out a few "signature" moves from my chair.  That was sufficient to put her in a tizzy.  It's good to be a Mom. ( Insert thriller laughter.  )

Anyway, here is a brief look at her partying down!

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