Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dirty Toilets and grattitude

Sorry it's been so long, you know life just happens and my laptop is busy doing homework and other such things...I'm sure there are so many people waiting with anticipation for my next blog post...anyway. Today a sweet Momma that I met in the NICU posted about her little girl with Spina bifida and how she prayed for poop.  She wondered if anyone prayed for poop as much as she did.  I giggled a little bit, but Lillian struggles with this very same issue.  She deals with constipation, diarrhea, and bloating.  All which majorly affects her feeds and well, everything.  This topic led me to thinking about how frustrated I get because my toilet is dirty ALL. THE. TIME.  in a very weird place because of the constant "pooping" issue.( Because we have to give medication to keep poop flowing and there is just no happy medium with that med. ) I scrub and I scrub but to no avail, toilet is always dirty.  As I sit there, bent over, steam rolling out my ears because I'm cleaning the toilet for the billionth ( spelling, is that even a word?) time, I find myself chided.  My inner voice says HEY! that dirty toilet is a constant sign of answered prayer and then I'm in tears as I'm so so grateful that my daughter was able to achieve potty training.  She was almost 8 years old, but she did it.  And for all that scrubbing...well....I could be changing her dirty diapers.  (although I'm still doing that too, but on my son...tee hee)

That, my friends, is how you find grattitude in a dirty toilet.

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