Monday, July 13, 2009

Just a quickie post

Lillian is struggling with feedings and constipation. Again. The move has been difficult and things we learned about little Miss are...
1. She does not tolerate heat and humidity AT all.

2. She loves swinging on the porch in her toddler swing

3. Can't figure out of farm livin' is making her junky, although her treatments are pretty low right now. Have had to run some toby last week, but she's junky.

We see her new cardiologist in KY July 20th. Going to the pediatrician Friday to see what his view is on the feeding/pooping front.

I'm just slightly nervous that I have cancelled all her appts up North and she hasn't seen any specialist since her palate repair follow up.

So, anyway, sorry this is brief, but it is still crazy here with everything. Hope to start catching up with all my peeps soon!


  1. OK, I was really starting to worry! I know you were moving but, still I was getting a little worried. SOOOOOO glad to hear from you. sounds like it's been a he-- of a ride. Hope your appointment Friday brings some insite. Sending prayers... not that I stoppped while you were MIA, just now I can tell you I'm sending them.
    Missed you!

  2. I was getting a little worried too about miss Lillian, but it sounds like you've been super duper busy trying to adjust to moving and LIFE in general. I hope they get to figuring out what's going on in the feeding/pooping front soon!

  3. Glad you're back! I am sorry Lillian is having trouble. Have you considered having her tested for allergies?

    You guys are always in my prayers as well.

  4. Sorry to hear Lillian struggling with feeding and constipation.. it sounds like my Ashley the whole time she was tube feed it was constant vomiting and constipation. I believe it's just so hard to digest that meal in a can. Ashley's been taking Miralax daily for constipation it works wonders. I hope things get a little better for Lillian soon and you get some time to settle in to your new place.

  5. Praying this all can be cleared up soon! HUGS!!!