Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Snotty but Good

Lillian is overall junky, but I'm thinking it's the season. I've been able to pull back on breathing treatments wahoo, can I get an AMEN? I have started her back on claritin, and it seems to be making a difference. And, I hope you are sitting....we are up to full volume feedings for the first time since June. Double AMEN! Well, mostly...it has been very difficult to get in her morning feed, so we have not been giving it. She always pukes it up anyway, so we don't try to force it on her anymore. So, when I say full volume, I guess I mean at each feeding, which hey, I'll take what I can get. We pulled her up to the table the other day and she had biscuits, gravy, eggs and man did she try her best to eat it. She was having a blast chewing and spitting....I guess I'm going to have to invest in bibs after all. It's a good thing! She loves butter, probably not a good thing, but oh well. I have been getting her soup and shakes when we have been in KY and had to get lunch. She loves the broccoli cheese soup from Micky D's. The speech therapist said shakes are a good consistency to get her on and I'm thinking the calories won't hurt her either. ( the calorie thing was a momism, not the therapist :) )

Isabelle has been pretty sick since Sunday and I'm hoping whatever it is does not make it's way to Lillian. Fingers crossed. I also wish Isabelle were better, so off to the doctor with her tomorrow. Never a dull moment here.


  1. Sounds pretty good.. for you guys. I put Lillians name on our special intentions in church. Sending prayers and hugs your way! and a special prayer for Isabelle to feel better!
    Oh, and one more for a really DULL moment or two!

  2. AMEN sister! I'm so glad you have some good news with the feeds and the breathing treatments. I'll be praying that Lillian doesn't get what sis has. Just what you need. Right? Never a dull moment :)

  3. I'm so happy for you, that Lillian is doing so well right now! I pray that this trend continues for her and you! HUGS!!!

  4. Glad to hear the progress. Yep, with multiple kids, the big thing is not for each to infect the others. I had a dickens of a time with chicken pox. My kids pre-date the vaccine. Each case lasted a month, and they started 1-2 weeks apart; it seemed like months before all four kids were past it and we could have a normal life or a week or two, at least!