Thursday, June 23, 2011


Lillian woke up this morning choking, coughing, gagging, and puking. I went ahead got her off to school bc I thought it was just a morning drainage issue.....BUT, when she got home and I hooked up her feeding, she immediately started gagging and puking. We have been religious with ehr miralax so I know she's not constipated. This incident escalated to the point of what I believe was an asthma attack. She was retracting pretty badly... She spiked a temp and fell asleep in my lap. I called the doctor and wanted to get her seen, she gagged all day yesterday off and on, and didn't get her whole feedings in yesterday either. They scheduled her an appointment. I was concerned that her gtube being ripped out my have injured her stomach....the dr called back and wanted her to have chest and belly xrays. Bottom line, she has sinusitis, parabronchitis, and a paralytic ileus. He put her on a 10 day course of Levoquin and wants us to give her stomach a rest tonight and then very very slowly adding back her feeds and hopefully getting her back to 150 ml feeds by Sunday. The ileus can be paralytic due to shock to the stomach, so it could have been the gtube issue or the fact that I have slowly increased her feeds over the last couple weeks. Always an adventure with my girl. long day.


  1. never a dull moment my friend, praying Miss Lillian recovers quickly.

  2. Bless her little heart. All of you have my prayers. It's so hard to see a little one go through these things, they don't understand:(

  3. Oh sheesh, never a dull moment indeed!