Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seems like it's been a while

but it really hasn't I guess.  Lillian has continued to struggle with coughing and snot and such and I for one and over that I can tell you.  Last night was rough for her,,,it was breathing treatments through around the clock.  I let her sleep and took her to school late.  I'm trying so very hard to make the choice to be happy and positive each day even when the days seems so hard sometimes.  God is teaching me so many new things these days and really working in me.  I'm so encouraged when I log onto facebook and see some miraculous stories and seeing answered can I be negative??  I'm trying real hard. 
So, let me share a little testimony here, (I'm trying really hard to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit) if you're reading you know LIllian didn't have her scheduled chest CT on the 28th due to illness.  When I called to reschedule it the lady answered the phone and immediately I felt pricked by the Spirit to pray for her.  After we scheduled the appointment, I asked her her name again and she told me.  I then shared with her that I felt God wanted me to pray with her.  She was quiet.  I asked her if  there was something burdening you I can pray for.  She told me her husband was from Africa and they were trying to revoke his visa and send him back and they were very stressed.  So I prayed.  When I stopped she spoke again and I prayed some more.  She was quiet again and then told me I had awesomely blessed her day.  That she had just been sitting there praying about it and she received my phone call.  My walk through Lillian's journey is drawing me closer and closer in my walk with the Father and I LOVE it.  While I wish my child were not sick, I can see the blessings in the days even when she is.  I would maybe not have had this chat with this woman had she not fallen sick. 

Anyway, she did have her CT and has been sick ever since.  I always wonder after we've been in a hospital what kinds of buggies we'll bring back home.  We go back down to KY at the end of the month to discuss results and a winter plan.  I feel very strongly that she needs to get a flu shot as soon as possible as well. 

In other news, Isabelle is still struggling with belly pain and I'm on the move to reach out for help in other areas at this point. 

We were finally able to borrow a bike trailer so Lillian could go along on my bike rides...which she LOVED!!  Then last week mine and Isabelle's bikes were stolen out of our fenced yard.  Whoever took them is hiding them well, bc I sure haven't seen them around town.   It's been a tough couple weeks with two sicklies and the theft, but hey...we will survive and recover and just keeep on keepin' on.  God is good.   


  1. So true..I think of the people I've met or lives we've been able to touch because of Isaac. I hope Lillian starts to feel better. I hate those hospital germies Blick!

  2. Very touching story about your prayer-filled phone call! I love when God shows Himself so very clearly! Hang in there! Love and Hugs!