Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two weeks ago

Lillian began showing signs of upper respiratory/sinus issues.  She missed the rest of the week of school and I cancelled therapies and we set in for long nights and breathing treatments.  By the following Monday it seemed she was better, good enough to go back to school and also have her chest CT.  MOnday night we went to bed, started her a pedialyte drip and went to sleep.  Her pump rang out at about 4 and promptly at 440, she began to vomit.  At this point, I'm groggy and trying to dial phone numbers to cancel her CT.  Puking on pedialyte is never a good sign.  She puked and had loose stools for two days.  She finally turned around on Thursday and I felt good about sending her back to school Friday.  We had a long weekend and she seems to be back up to snuff.   I have rescheduled her CT for the 13th.  The sleep center called and left a message and I've yet to call them back, but hey when your up to your eyeballs in sickville you tend to forget stuff, ya know? Not to mention Isabelle is still dealing with stomach issues and it just super overwhelms me when I have two sickly kids.  We are still waiting on results for her.
 Ready to try to settle in to some routine, but its just not happnin' so far....the bus driver forgot to pick her up on MOnday and today she was about 15 minutes late bringing her home.  I stood out in the rain for 25 minutes waiting and when I finally went back in and watched from the window, I head a honk and she had come a different direction.  As I was waiting for her to get home I witnessed my highschoolers get off their bus while TWO vehicles completely disregarded the stop sign.   I guess some poor child is going to have to be hurt before the city steps in to crack down on this.  I've called the police...that was a big help...NOT.  They won't even do me the service of showing some presence in the area during bus drop off hours.   

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  1. Yeah, puking on pedialite is never a good thing! Hopefully things will get better from here:)