Sunday, August 26, 2012

It hit sooner than I expected

I thought she would last a bit longer before she got sick, but with her sleep schedule being cut as much as it has, I'm not surprised.  Lillian started getting sick last Wednesday.  I kept her home from therapy on Thursday hoping she would still be able to go to school, but our Thursday morning proved that wasn't going to happen.  Friday morning she woke up with a raging fever and puke fest.  (which is of course her way) I have kept her in all day day today and plan on letting her sleep tomorrow and keeping her home from church.  No need in adding exposure to an already weak, sick, system.  This makes me wonder if I really want them sedating her on Tuesday.  I think this is all a sinus thing...but I just never know.  She continues to be her happy little self through it all...just sitting around a bit, which is definitely NOT her norm.  So that's been our week-end.  Through the night breathing treatments, puke fest, cough-ville and general sleep deprivation.   

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