Saturday, August 11, 2012

First two days of school behind us

It's a good thing they start school here on a Thursday because this old girl here just might not have been able to handle a whole week.  She had therapy on Thursday morning and then at noon I took her on to Kindergarten.  I barely made it out of the building before the tears started to fall. To was NOTHING compared to many of the rough things Lillian has had to go through.  I realize this. But just let me tell you, this was hard for me....more so than I expected.  I got myself together and delievered a meal to a family in need and that distracted me for a good couple hours.  I headed home and it was like someone just turned the faucet back on.  I cried for most of the afternoon and was completely exhausted by the time we went to bed. Friday morning it was all I could do to walk away from the bus that morning.  When she got home, she wouldn't answer any question about school or new friends or anything.  She would just bury her head and say she didn't want to talk about it. 
The note from her teacher assured me that she had a great day and was doing well.  So difficult to not be able to communicate with her. Rough.  So, thankfully Monday won't be too hard because it's a therapy day again. 

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