Saturday, October 13, 2012


Lillian is sick.  Still.  Wednesday I had to pick her up from school at noon.  She was sneezing and hacking away and developing a fever. Kept her home Thursday, treatments all night long.  She woke up Friday and just before I was going to take her to school she spiked a temp.  Like whole body shakes, chattering teeth kind of scene.  We are laying low this weekend.  She has a very nasty cough now, sounding very wet....which I hate.  She HATES that I'm trying to do CPT.  That vest can't get her soon enough.  ( the insurance approved it for six months and the readings have to prove we're using it and then they will pay) I was feeling  very discouraged Friday morning.  It's been a rough few months.  She just hasn't had a break in health in quite some time. 

I have been encouraged by her developing vocabulary.  She is actually sayng DAD.  All beginning and ending sounds.  Almost a year post op from the flap surgery and we are seeing progress.  I'm starting to have renewed hope that she will speak.  She has also said baby several times, but you can tell it's really hard for her to get it out.  The "ba" part is very elongated and she really has to work to say "be".  She is saying done pretty good too. 

If I just had a magic wand to ward away the sickness. 

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