Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Big sister

If you haven't seen it on facebook, or perhaps you don't know us personally, you may not know that Little Miss Lillian is going to be charting some new waters as a big sister.  I'm due around October 10th.  If you don't know...this will be our sixth child.  We are thrilled and Lillian is basically not real clear on what is going on.  I had an ultrasound today and she has giddily carried the pictures around showing them to Daddy.  We keep telling her the baby is in my belly, but she doesn't quite get it.  I'm hoping as my body changes she will have a better understanding.  She does LOVE babies, so I'm hopeful that the transition will be pretty good.  She flip flops back and forth about whether she'd like a boy or girl.  Today happens to be boy.  LOL.  So that is the news here.  She is doing very well, sickness is being held back by meds though she routinely has green drainage.  I have been able to pull her off her albuterol which thrills me.  She has missed school this week due to bad weather here.  School was actually cancelled for all students here today.  The kids were thrilled, but it cuts into our slightly extended spring break.  I am so looking forward to nicer weather.  I'm ready to get us back to church and large functions that we have avoided with Miss Lillian, you know though, the sacrifice is nothing in comparison to having her health be so much better.  PRaise the Lord. 

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