Friday, April 12, 2013

How to truly melt a Mom's heart

It has been a habit of mine to pray with Lillian at night.  I start and pray for each member of the, good day at  I say amen and then Lillian tries to close her eyes and mumbles...not ever saying words, just grunting essentially. ( I have I ever mentioned that she isn't able to voluntarily close her eyes?)  I have to admit, I fell out of the habit and this week she reached for my hand and kept squenching her eyes shut and it finally dawned on me that she wanted to pray.  I started saying my prayer and finished.  ( I never mention myself in prayer).  She began mumbling as she always does...and then she said "mom" in the midst of her "words".  She knew and recognized that I did not pray for myself and there she was, in her way whispering a prayer for "mom".  I was on a cloud.  It has always been sweet to listen to her offer her prayers even though I do not understand it.  But to actually hear her insert my name hit me on so many levels I cannot even describe it.  Blessed.  Nothing but blessed.