Thursday, May 16, 2013

Joyful Noises

Lillian is battling her "normal" sick issues.  I spent the weekend doing treatments around the clock. She is super duper winey today which is not at all in her character.  Antibiotics on board, so I hope she soon gets relief.

It was so fun to have her in the room as we had our last ultrasound.  She thoroughly enjoyed watching.    

So, why do I find myself here at this late hour typing away?  My mind refuses to rest as I linger on my thoughts earlier this evening.  We have had two choir concerts for the bigger girls this past week and they were quite enjoyable.  As I sat there, though, tonight in the audience.  I began to get very sobered as I thought of my youngest child...I wondered if I would someday enjoy the privelege of seeing her perform and sing her little heart out on the stage. I then fight the tears back and try to remember to be grateful for the sounds she IS making.  She does do some type of "singing".  Just not something I can understand because there aren't really any words.  But she is using a singing voice.  The tune is non recognizable, to me anyway.  It's strange the emotions I continue to experience as I walk through this life with my angel.

Maybe now, that I've shared my heart, my mind can find rest.  Good night.

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  1. I'm confident that we will always have these moments of pity, concerning our special kiddos. It's so difficult....I've been struggling lots with this the last few weeks. I try to focus on the smiles, and God's plan for Gavin. Most days I'm able, but other day I fail. Praying for your heart today! Hugs!