Monday, July 22, 2013

Dr Lungs update and other good stuff

Lillian spent her very first over night away from Mommy at Grandma's this past weekend.  Course, two big sisters were along too, and she only really cried for me at bedtime.  It was entirely her idea and she basically ushered me out the door and slammed it behind me.  When I had to come back and drop off her car seat, she was none too happy to see me again already. lol.  Growing up.  It just so happened that the other two girls were off at camp.  It was the first time in seven years we have had a night alone with NO children.  So peculiar.

Today, Lillian has her quarterly appointment with Dr Lungs.  She will remain on her rotating antibiotic course.  Inhaled meds one month and a change to a different oral/gtube med on the off month.  It did bug me that her sats were just 94/95.  She used to always sat at 99/100 when she's healthy.  It made me wonder if it is a sign she is having diminished lung capacity.  94 is still a good number...I just rather it had been higher.  She will likely remain out of the classroom this fall due to her puny factor.  The one time this year I've exposed her to a small group of children, she got really sick.  ICK,

She is super excited about the baby on the way and loves kissing my baby bump.  She loves sorting through all his baby things and oohing and ahhing over everything.

It's been a long day, as always when we make a trip down south, I'm whooped.  Not really too much more to report, thank goodness.

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