Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The trip to KY turned out quite well. I really liked the new specialist. She was super nice and very informative. The date...April 20th. Won't know the time til the day before, but that is the scheduled date. A few troubling thoughts....she said, generally when the stoma doesn't close it usually means there is still a need for supplemental oxygen. Ok, so maybe that is the only troubling thing she said, BUT...why do I always think that these things will be this easy no muss no fuss ordeal. She wants to do another bronch when she goes in to check the airways, then she will essentially reopen the healed portion of the stoma, disconnect the the tissue from the esophagus. Then she will pull over muscle to close the hole then pull the skin together. She will have to be an overnight stay just in case. This all scare me. It scares me. This will inflame her airways, cause swelling and pain. I'm scared. I cannot even what if. It's like the trach coming out all over again.

We will then go back to see her for follow up two weeks later and she will also have some preliminary allergy testing done. Hopefully an answer for the snot factor.

21 days to go.


  1. wow that sounds like a big deal and a step forward Michelle. I'm glad the doctor was super nice and informative.. I'll be praying for Lillian on April 20th.

  2. Glad you finally got some answers and a date. She'll do great, you'll see!

  3. Glad you have a date. I will be praying for good outcomes to all Lillian's issues. Hugs friend.

  4. You can do it!!!