Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It seems

  • that doctors' offices are incapable of returning calls
  • offer no apology for NOT returning phone calls
  • do not take the time to fill out FMLA forms
  • do not make referrals when asked
  • do not return calls regarding said referrals
  • do not value commucication AT all

I'm a little annoyed, can you tell? That being said, we still dont' have a surgery date. Lillian is suffering serious snot issues that I can't seem to help with medication. I feel like I'm running but not going anywhere. Feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed with this life in general.

THAT being said, I'm so glad I'm not alone. God soothe my fears and settle my soul.


  1. that's ridiculous! How the heck can you still not have a surgery date? That was along time ago that you posted about getting a date soon. So aggravating. Sorry!! Wish i could whip up a solution. Just stay strong and tough.stay on their butts!
    Hugs and prayers!! Keep us posted.

  2. That doctor is horrible. Ashley is suffering with the snot issue too and it's been going on a month now since early Feb. I hate it but not much they do for that I've been a few times to the doc looking for a magic snot pill and it's just viral. I hope you get a date soon,.

  3. That stinks. You are NEVER alone!
    Addison's been on Zyrtec for snot. We started it in the fall, it didn't help so I stopped (as I like to do!). Just started it again about a month ago, and the snot is good so far. I feel your pain!

  4. Praying that your soul is soothed. It can be really hard somedays! And rip those docs a new one!