Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crank-y with a capital C

It has been a rough couple weeks for Lillian thanks to unending ear infections...but I dare say it...I think she is getting better. I'm not used to a whiny girl. In general she has to be REALLY really really sick to be grumpy, but I think the combo of ear infections and allergies had just about had their way with her. She is finally getting a peaceful nights sleep, little to no coughing. I've been able to stop the benadryl. You wouldn't think that would be such a great thing, but in my eyes it is. I hate to medicate her. I'm not thrilled with medicating, but at times it is necessary. We will revist Dr Throat again next week. From there we will schedule another bronch and see what happens. Oddly enough I think her stoma is looking smaller or different or something. It is not as sunken in as it was. The procedure changed something. I wait cautiously optimistic and praying for God's will in whatever happens next.


  1. Oh so tough when they are sick AND cranky! I'm glad she is feeling better. I hope your appt goes well and her stoma really is changing for the better.

  2. Hey there!!!! Nice to see you again! Love that picture of Lillian, she is a beauty.

    All sounds relatively good!! Very glad about that. Keep us updated on her next appt.
    Love ya!!!

  3. Hopefully things go smooth from now on! I hate cranky kids!