Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dr Throat

We just got back into town from seeing Dr. Throat. She felt Lillian's stoma indeed looked smaller. I notice a little difference, but not major. She is now scheduled for another broch on June 8, tentatively, if the bronch looks good, they will close the stoma and she will stay overnight to make sure she can tolerate the closure. She is also going to re-examine her ear tubes, she said one looks crooked, so they will replace it if need be.

Her appt time was at 11 and we didn't go back to a room until almost one I believe. It was a quick visit and the office was very busy. I was able to chat with a Mom in the waiting room who had a little guy, about four years old. I could tell he was a special needs child and we soon struck up a conversation. My heart broke for her as she told her story of her son. He had been a healthy little boy and just collapsed in the back yard while playing last October. She told me tearfully, he had a heart attack and some brain injury, but as of yet, it is a medical mystery as to why it occurred. She shared with me, that dr. throat had saved his life and rescued him from getting a trach. He was such a sweet, precious boy and shared some smiles with Miss Lillian. Lillian was very interested when this Mom gave her baby some medicine through his G-tube. If I could read her mind, I'll bet she was thinking, 'oh, so I'm not the only one'. Upon being called back into the treatment room, I told this Mom that I would keep their family in my prayers.

I started to have a little bit of anxt on the drive home while comtemplating the coming bronch and just stopped my brain and focused on the Lord. Whatever happens, happens. It is in God's hands and I'm keeping that focus.


  1. I always say that there's someone out there thats worse off than us. And that makes me smile, knowing that I'm not the only one!

  2. May God surround you with His peace as you await this procedure! Hang in there Momma! God has great plans for you and your sweet girl! HUGS!!!

  3. It is in God's hands, for sure. Hugs, friend.

  4. I'll be praying everything goes smoothly for Lillian I think she is do for an easy go of things. Thinking of you.