Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There IS a first time for everything

Today, for the first time, in her short lived life, I gave Lillian a bath without fear of drowning her. She was able to splash, have her hair washed and be a somewhat "normal" little girl in the tub. You think it sounds crazy, but I'm trying not to cry. The smallest things bring such joy. She will now be able to go to a pool, play in the sand, and pass air through her tiny body the same as we do. It is awesome and heart swelling. Now.... I'm crying.

We follow up with the ENT and Plastic surgeon tomorrow. Will update soon.


  1. I'm so happy for you both! Life really is all about "the little things"! You will truly enjoy them too, because you couldn't for so long! Having our special kiddos is a great lesson in reminding us to celebrate even the small things! Enjoy! HUGS!!!

  2. That is amazing, what great news! I hope you enjoy every pool, lake and ocean you pass by this summer. Just splash and swim away she is going to love it! Build a sand castle by the sea and enjoy.

  3. Tears of joy here too! And isn't blogland a wonderful place! Because out here we all get it!!! And we are all rejoicing with you!

    From one MOTY to another!! LOL

    Very funny , BTW

  4. This is HUGE...The little things that most people take for granted...swimming in a pool or playing in a sandbox. Play, swim, get covered in sand to your hearts content girl! You deserve it!

  5. I am speechless.....and in tears.....God is sooooo good!

    I miss you guys!

  6. Make no mistake, it IS a huge deal! I am so happy for you and Lillian. This has been a long, long time coming!