Thursday, July 14, 2011


Lillian's immunology tests came back just fine. PTL. At least we are ruling things out if nothing else. It sounds kind of sick to hope something shows up, but then that would be like answers or some solution to help her. Hopefully, she will grow some more. It is a struggle to keep her gaining weight, seriously, she was up to 29 lbs once and now she's hanging at 26-27. There for awhile, when she figured out how to run, she ran everywhere, she was probably burning some extra calories.
Today was the last day for ESY. I am so glad, between her school, therapy, and Bethany's summer school, it hasn't felt much like summer to me at all.

I have been down with an infection for several days and am so glad to see the pain finally subsiding enough to cross my arms again. You never realize how much you cross your arms until you can't do it anymore. ;0)

I need a vacation....


  1. Its summer my friend, take a vacation. I remember hoping a test for something horrible came back positive, just so i had an answe. Not knowing is much worse.

  2. I'm glad the test came back good, but it's frustrating not getting answers. She is tiny, but so is mr. man....he's also only 28-29 pounds. They tested him for growth hormone deficiency and that came back fine.I hope that the rest of your summer is more restful!