Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving Forward

After spending time with Lillian's speech therapist, and she in turn speaking with our ENT, it has been decided that we will go forward with the V and E in August. Our ENT plans to speak with Dr Plastics and pick his brain. She aslo feels if we get the V and E done, we can go to him again with the results. We never do things the easy way, do we? Course, in this walk, I'm not sure there is an "easy way". I think I've found some peace, either way. It is par for the course. It just takes me a day or two to absorb the initial shock of things. I always have hope, no matter how disappointed I am. God works it all out in his time. My lowest moments are my strongest times in Him.

In her speech time yesterday, Mrs. Speech found out if she held her finger under Lillian's nose, Lillian could make a very clear S sound. It was AMAZING! It goes directly to evidence that her plalate needs more work to function properly. As hard as news comes that I'm not prepared for, I have unbelievable joy in just hearing the "ssssssssssss" singing from her teeth.

Sometimes I wonder if I should update on her blog as soon as I am able to, because I so don't want to sound like Debbie Downer, BUT, it is my hope that no matter what someone is going through, there is ALWAYS hope. If there is someone just beginning this journey, perhaps they will find comfort here. I write what is REAL, what is happening here in my insignificant life and hope it brings glory to God, because I know it all works for His good because I love Him. That is my hope.


  1. It's oh so important to post when you are down because then you can look back and see EXACTLY where God picked you up and showed you he's always in there taking care of you!

    Love you..praying for you always.

  2. Whats a v and e? I must have missed it. I hate that a doctor just assumed that her reason for poor speech is mental. Thats why our kids need us to be pushy! Dumb doctor.

  3. Sounds like good news! Never give up Hope! That is the most important thing:)