Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taking a "staycation"

I cancelled Lillian's therapies this week. First time ever I've cancelled her therapy for any reason beyond sickness or hospitalization or dr appts. I have to tell you, it's been WONDERFUL. I felt immediate relief when I woke up Monday morning and had to be NOWHERE. LOL. I am eternally grateful that Lillian is still able to benefit from therapy and insurance continues to pay for it, but, friends, this Mom is tired. I do not work outside the home anymore, but quite honestly, caring for Lillian and the rest of my brood is more than a full time job. I know, I know, I know, I am surely not the only Mom out there who grows weary from time to time. I've always felt extreme guilt when I've contemplated cancelling her therapy. I decided if we truly had a vacation to go on, we would have to cancel therapy. Since I won't be taking any vacation any time in the near future, to my knowledge, I decided this would be the same thing. So, it's a staycation. Stay home, pretend for a week, that life around here is normal. It has truly been blissful. We are capping off the week by going on our first camping trip. This should be interesting. It is supposed to be dreadfully warm and I'm seeing scattered storms thrown in the mix. Of course, we realize, our plans may not work out for Lil. She doesn't tend to do well in the heat, so we shall see. That is the non-news in this house lately.


  1. Sounds great!!! i do that occasionally too. Doesn't it feel great to have nothing and no where to go! we so deserve that once in a while. any way we have to be well rested mama's to defend our title! (MOTY) :)

  2. Great decision enjoy a few free days. I'm in the same boat here busy with the kids and Ashley therapy .. sometime I wish I had work to be busy with but that thought usually passes quickly.