Sunday, October 30, 2011


I absolutely hate to report that I just had to break out ALBUTEROL....yes, ALBUTEROL for Lillian.  Dr Lungs' Nurse had me start omnicef three days ago, and she seems to be getting worse instead of better.  She is whiney and fussy...not at all herself.  The junk coming out of her nose is green and seems to have NO end.  I think I detected a low grade fever. I got her to sleep and she did nothing but cough constantly.  Coughing to the point of wretching and puking, so I gave her a neb and aside from the initial coughing at the beginning, she has not coughed since I turned it off.  Ope, take that back I just heard one...but I can tell it helped her.  Last night, I thought I heard some croupy breathing, but it only happened when she got to running around.  After I finished her treatment it almost looked like she was retracting. (makes me sick)  I don't really mind if we have to reschedule, in fact, I'm probably going to insist that we do.  With Queen likes to bleed after surgery, I'd prefer it if she didn't have a hacking cough.  I am sad, though.  I cannot even tell you the last time I gave her an albuterol treatment for sickness.  It tells me she is sicker than she's been in a long while.  Likely no tonsilectomy on Tuesday.  Maybe we can get something scheduled for right after the antibiotic stops.  *sighs*

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  1. It seems like they always get sick right before a surgery. And although it's a bummer, you want them in optimum health, at least that's what my anesthesiologist always says! Lol