Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I love about YOU!

1.  Your hair.  It's getting so long.  You are looking like such a big girl now.
2.  The way you carry around your bags of "littles" (bunch of little toys,as I like to call them)
3.  Your resilience.  You never stop.  Even when you're sick you handle it so much better than me.
4.   Your smile.  You always have a smile for me and almost anyone else.
5.   Your loving heart.  You love everyone.  It's impossible to be with you and not feel love.
6.   Your decisiveness.  You stick your finger in your mouth and make a gagging sound when you don't like something.
7.    Your singing.  Daddy calls you his little songbird, because now you "sing" all the time.
8.   Your run.  I am filled with joy when you run.
9.  Your belly laugh.  Who can resist belly laughs?
10.  Your helpful nature.  You like to do chores and put away groceries.  Even if they are too big for you to handle. 

1 comment:

  1. Everyone needs a little songbird in their life! She is an amazing little girl. <3