Friday, May 4, 2012

Big shoes to fill

This girl loves shoes.  Just loves them.  She slipped these on and I just had to snap a picture, she was even able to walk a few steps before she took them off. 

She had an interesting week.  I dropped her off for therapy Thursday and just as I arrived at the gym, I was called back because she was kind of hysterical.  Turns out, seems she just wanted me.  She would not tell us anything hurt, just kept saying/signing Mom.  So, I went upstairs with her and we finished therapy.  That whole day seemed a little rough for her. 

Yesterday, her teacher sent home her psych report/test results.  Oh gracious.  Before I began to read, I told myself it would be hard to read.  While I know she is delayed, I know this, it's sometimes hard to read how delayed she is.  As I talk with various people that work with her, they consistently age her around 3 with some skills and 4 in others.  I know they are just numbers...but it's just hard.  Her teacher (and also my fellow warrior mama friend) said to me perhaps they (our girls) are just sometimes tired of all that they must deal with and go through every day and sometimes, crying is the only way to release. I know it all exhausts my Mama heart at times.   How much more exhausting must it be for her. 

Her IEP/case conference for next year is Monday.  My personal goal is to make it through without crying.  I'm glad to have received the report and been able to already know what will be said.  I'm finding peace little by little each day with what is coming.  I KNOW that is just some me not being ready.  I may have said this before, but it is difficult to have watched your child struggle to just live and then have them out of your presence 6-7 hours a day.  Left with people who don't know her "tells" and signs of her distresses.  *deep breaths*  Gonna be a long day Monday.  Instead of shoes, I'm just going to need some super big big girl panties. 

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  1. Just try to remember the MIRACLE she IS..and how far she has come....and the lives she has touched....God has it ♥