Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I think I share my good stuff here, but just in case, let me share this story.  Monday, I took Lillian in for her therapies.  I was met by both her therapists (a bit odd as usually whoever has her first comes gets her, but since my brain is feeble I can never remember where she goes first...).  After Mrs PT took her away, Mrs. ST stayed and we chat a few moments about her health, and then she says...."did you get the letter from insurance?" Me, "no" According to her, our secondary insurance has cut her speech sessions in half.  No reason, just cut.  It's happening to lots of clients, she tells me.  We seem to be fortunate to only be cut by half.  Of course, our primary insurnace is already exhausted for the year as well.  I ask her if we can appeal and she says she can try.  I don't freak, which quite honestly, is my more frequent reaction.  I get in the car and start thinking...wow, she has so much need in speech therapy, what can they be basing this decision on. I think, I knew this day would come, I just didn't think it would be so soon.   I get to the gym and as I walk on the treadmill I just said a prayer for favor and handed my concern over to God.  Each time my mind would wander back to the subject, I would just close the box.  Nope, I gave it to God and I'm going to leave it there.  I spend my hour and a half in the gym and return to pick her up.  Mrs, ST comes out and says, I spoke to so and so with insurance and it seems I filled out the paperwork wrong.  So they just ammended it and we should have a new approval next week.  Praise the LORD!!  Wow, he took that one down in a hurry!!  I then told her, I just prayed for favor at the gym and we got it!!  Is that awesome or what??


  1. That is totally awesome! God is GOOD!! :D

  2. LOVE IT! I just wish it wasn't so hard to always put it in the box and leave it there - good for you!
    Miss you!

  3. Yay God! What a blessing! Makes me smile!

  4. I love when God's time matches our time!!! ♥