Saturday, August 10, 2013

These are the days I feel nervous...

Our girls started back to school this past Thursday.  All in all everyone is happy to be back.  I will be homeschooling  Lillian this year. I'm waiting to hear back from her teacher who will oversee what we are doing and also provide materials.  Ironically, she fell sick the day before school started.  Waking up vomiting, coughing and running a fever.  Her cough sounds like croup.  A first for her.  She had to go off formula feeds for a day, but her night drips are not going well, as every time she sneezes or coughs, she gags/pukes.  Our good friend albuterol has rejoined our med regime and today we have notated a foul odor coming from her ears.  She IS and HAS been on antibiotics virtually non stop since January, and her illnesses have seemed fewer and perhaps less severe.  Hopefully, she will soon get back to baseline and we can start a routine here before baby boy makes his entrance. Seems like most of the time her junk lasts about a week.

These are the moments when I feel fear creep in.  Taking care a her being sick and also having a newborn to care for.  Lord give me strength for the journey ahead.

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