Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dental Day #2

Dental day two pretty much mirrored dental day one.  The hygenist very gently brushed her teeth with a regular tooth brush and flossed her gently.  All the while Lillian is screaming and crying...trying to roll out of that chair.  Friends, getting her teeth cleaned is necessary.  I know this.  All of the traumatic things she goes through are necessary.  .Does it make it any easier on my heart to have to hold her down and see her so terrified? NO.  There really aren't words to describe how it feels to see her so terrified of something so non threatening.  If I could explain the look in her eyes to's as if she's left this dimension.  At one point I was just pleading in my head for the calming touch of Jesus to flood over her, because, my words, my soothing, do nothing and it is hard.

To make matters worse, she has a cavity in the back molar, bottom.  The other three molars have what looks to be the beginning of cavities.  These are permanent teeth.  This means fillings which means sedation.

I hate, I HATE sedation.  Have you ever watched your kid be put to sleep?  I have.  It's awful...they look dead.  One of the hardest things I've watched her have done.  So aside from seeing your child look dead, there is risk.  There is risk for "normal" people, but her??  We're in a whole other world when we talk about her.  Lung disease...heart problems, asthma, anesthesia issues....and for anyone thinking conscious sedation, well, that won't work for her.  She doesn't respond to it until the procedure is over.  So sedation, which means going to Kosair.   I cried on my drive home.  Couldn't contain it anymore.

  I was thankful my mom took a half day and kept Ezekiel busy in the waiting room while we were in back.  She also stayed with me and helped me through sam's club and I was grateful.

I got home mentally exhausted.  Was grateful I had frozen some soup and was able to whip up some homemade corn bread and have a relatively easy meal.

Here's a pic this morning of Lillian "multitasking" . We usually do treatments separately, but we were rushed for time to get out the door.  Now, pardon me while I go ruin my 4.5 mile bike ride by finding some chocolate...oh and I'll be eating it too...

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