Monday, September 12, 2016

Dr Lungs checks in

Today Lillian had a routine appointment with her Pulmonologist, who we love.  She was relieved to realize he was the doctor we were seeing versus seeing the dentist doctor...tee hee.  Matt took a vacation day and went along with us, which was super nice.  The appointment went well.  We discussed the dental sedation and he gave us a recommendation for the dental school there in Louisville.  They have a pediatric wing.  It reassured me to know he'd taken his own daughter there.  Still hate the thought of sedation, but we really have no choice.  He also stated her wanted her on steroids for three days prior to sedation.  So...on we trod.

  Her appointment went fine.  Her sats were hanging between 95 and 96, oh how I miss you 100.  insert sigh.  Back in 4 months.  We also discussed some discoloration we noticed in her legs with increased activity...something I think we'll need to discuss with the cardiologist.  He didn't seem concerned from a lung standpoint.

Thoughts in my head today from the drive...her birthday is in November .  In roughly 2 1/2 months she will turn 10 YEARS OLD!!!  TEN!!!  A decade.  What a mighty wondrous blessing that brings tears right to my eyes.  I cannot help but think of those first days and years.  And here SHE is...almost 10...i say...10 years later.  I almost cant't stand the anticipation of celebrating her life.  Thank you God.  Thank you, God.
She didn't notice I was taking a picture
She noticed here...LOL
Obligatory selfie while we wait
Ezekiel and Daddy waiting

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